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My First FPV Setup – 2.5 Meter Wing Glider ASW28 Hobbyking

My First FPV Setup – 2.5 Meter Wing Glider ASW28 Hobbyking

This ASW28 is a pretty good glider, but does’nt like getting loaded up with gear.

ASW28 EPO 2.5 meter wing span glider from Hobbyking USA LINK, AUS LINK, INTERNATIONAL LINK bought from between $61 – $97 PNF, grab a battery and your ready to go.

This glider is very easy to control and can take a heap of weight but I did find that with all the gear on this glider it would stall very easy and it takes ages to recover from a stall so DONT stay close to the ground. I handle lots of gust wind which was a surprise, so I am planning on taking this glider to the beach to see how she handles with a heap of wind and no motor.

List of gear in this glider…

  • Cyclops 1.5 OSD – GPS, Current Sensor
  • 200mW 5.8ghz Video Transmitter
  • 520 line Sony CCD Camera from hobbyking $30(super crap quality…thanks marty)
  • 5.8ghz Receiver
  • 640×480 Boscam FPV video Glasses
  • 2x 500mA 3S Battery (for video transmitter and receiver)

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