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5.8ghz Channel Frequencies – Cloverleaf Wire Lengths DIY Antenna

5.8ghz Channel Frequencies – Cloverleaf Wire Lengths DIY Antenna

Building one of IBcrazy’s Cloverleaf antenna is really quite easy, and give far superior video transmission for FPV, you don’t get interference issues like whip antenna’s also there’s no more image loss while banking in a turn or while in inverted flight. You can knock one out in no time. I use 1.2mm mig welding wire but I am going to try .8mm mig wire next week.

I have calculated the table below using IBcrazy’s formula for metric measurements

Wire Length (mm) = 307022 / Frequency (Mhz)

Quarter Wave Length (bend @ mm) = 76755 / Frequency (Mhz)

Now the usual Cloverleaf info
Each lobe of the antenna (3 for cloverleaf) the two bends create a 105° angle (tip to tip of wire) placed 120° on the horizontal plane and angled at 45° on the vertical plane. For a good tutorial head over to the RCexplorer website for a step by step how-to build guide.

5.8GHz Channels and Frequency Chart to Build Cloverleaf in Metric (mm)
Channel Frequency Total Wire Length (mm) Bend location (mm)
1 5705 53.81 13.45
2 5685 54.00 13.50
3 5665 54.19 13.54
4 5645 54.38 13.59
5 5885 52.17 13.04
6 5905 51.99 12.99
7 5925 51.81 12.95
8 5945 51.64 12.91