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600mm Little Delta Wing gets 337 Meters High

600mm Little Delta Wing gets 337 Meters High

My favourite Tiny Flying Wing.


600mm Hobbyking Bonsai Flying wing setup that is awesome and ultra fast!!

This setup is a weapon! ultra fast unlimited verticals and the motor doesn’t even get hot. Using the 3 Cell 500mA i can get about 12-15 minutes of aggressive flying, If I take it easy 30% throttle which is still fast I can get atleast 25 minutes in the air. But usually I can help it and flaw it.

New height record for this little wing 337 meters!! in about 30 seconds, that works out to 40.4 kph straight up!. Might not sound like much but this thing is the tiniest dot in the sky. At that height i lost sight of it for about 5 seconds.











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