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Coroplast / Coroboard / Coroflute Scratch Build – F22 Pusher Jet Free Plans

Coroplast / Coroboard / Coroflute Scratch Build – F22 Pusher Jet Free Plans

I have finally drawn the plans up for my F22 Pusher Jet, its not fancy but should be quite easy to understand. Everything is measured down the edge’s. It is designed to be the easiest to build possible.

The F22 is one piece.  The two piece’s named KF Airfoil get rotated and glued to the top of the wing to create a KFm2 Airfoil…well almost not quite the thickness required but gives a lot of strength. They glue together under the fuse onto the wing. The two fuselage side’s get glued to the top which lines up to be the perfect place for the motor mount, which is built by gluing slats of coroboard vertical 1cm apart sandwiched between 2 pieces of coroboard. The motor I screw to like prototype soldering board and then hot melt glue to this mount. The image below is the end of the fuselage where it becomes the motor mount, and the motor is glued to the bottom.

The vertical stabilizer’s I strengthen the leading and trailing edge by a bamboo skewer fixed with packing tape.  Everything is Hot melt glued together and packing tape covered even if you only tape the leading edges.

  • 1x 600mm x 900mm Coroplast / Coroboard / Coroflute
  • D2826-6 – 2200kv BrushlessOutrunner
  • 35A ESC
  • 2200mAh Zippy 3S 20C-25C
  • 7x4e Propeller / 178x102mm ( I think it is too large motor gets very hot quick )
  • 4 Bamboo Skewers
  • Packing tape
  • 2x HXT900 servo 9gram / 1.6kg or stronger


  1. Dana Raquel Bryant · August 1, 2012 Reply

    These tips are very beneficial.

  2. Bonzo · September 29, 2012 Reply

    Hey thanks for the design, I just made it up this afternoon and after moving the battery back one full length behind the location shown on your plan it flew pretty well with a 1500 4s considering how flexible and heavy the coroflute is. If anyone else is looking at making this- don’t skimp on the motor mount, my motor seized up after shedding some magnets mid-flight.

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