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Delta Wing FPV Maiden FoxTech Camera – Mandurah Western Australia

Delta Wing FPV Maiden FoxTech Camera – Mandurah Western Australia

1400mm Delta Wing FPV Maiden in Mandurah, Western Australia. Awesome morning, I wasn’t sure this delta wing would take off because its weight but she flies awesomely it is about my 3rd FPV flight (first for this wing) so I was very nervous still.
The FoxTech HoryzonHD FPV Camera is a massive upgrade from the previous 1/3 Inch Sony 520Tv Line camera, which was had really terrible color/contrast and couldn’t look at any light without going black.

Video at bottom of page.


Video location is at Peel Parade Coodanup WA 6210, Western Australia.



The video above was recorded with a 808 #16 keychain HD 720p Camera which is awesome and very light, great buy for about $38.

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  1. Cristi_RO · January 5, 2014 Reply

    The flying wing looks very nice. I see you have added landing gears which is unusual for a flying wing RC plane – but I like it.
    I am kindly ask you to I answer a couple of questions about this wing :
    - Could you please tell me what wing is this? Where can I find more details ( wing area, … )?
    - Can you please tell me which is the position of the wheels in relate to the CG location? I see the back wheels are quite far back from CG location. Usually the back wheels are (at this wing size ) about 1″ back from CG. How is tacking off and landing?
    - Is there any bad side effect caused by the short distance between the nose wheel and the back wheels?

    I intend to build a flying wing similar to this ( ) but bigger in dimensions and with landing gear.


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