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Setup WDR750 600TVL Sony HAD CCDII Wiring Diagram How to Power DIY Cable

Setup WDR750 600TVL Sony HAD CCDII Wiring Diagram How to Power DIY Cable

Today I received a WDR750 600 Tv Lines Sony HAD Super CCDII Camera from FoxTechFPV. This camera is regarded as properly the best live output FPV camera on the market at the moment, but who knows I haven’t tried them all yet. The camera comes with a heavy cable video out and power joined together including the connections which are not needed. I cut the Video/Power cable and the cables are actually coloured correctly :) well they are on mine, so just in case they are not I will attach the images for reference. The manual states that the camera requires 12v DC but I have powered it directly from the Video TX powered by a 3S LiPo, which i’m pretty sure that the TX outputs about 9 volts but yet the camera is working fine. I have tested the camera pointing the camera from fluro light into dark and back and this camera is very fast, it doesn’t focus on the bright white light like a few of my other camera do. I will test this WDR750 Camera module over the next week and upload some video.

1. No Connection
2. Video (yellow inside supplied cable)
3. Ground (black inside supplied cable)
4. 12v DC (red inside supplied cable)

I cut the supplied cable and soldered directly onto the cable that comes with Video Transmitters, this camera only draws 70mA @ 12v , and it can be powered directly from the video transmitter. Also I have tested powering this camera directly from Cyclops 1.5 OSD and it worlds perfectly.

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