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Sync Animation State Unity3D Using RPC C#

Sync Animation State Unity3D Using RPC C#


Simple RPC  call to sync animation state, it could be used to send what ever data you wanted to sync eg health, object held by a player ect. I am really not sure if using RPC for animation states is good practice but it will get you going on how to use it.

In my example we have the following

  • void WalkAnimation()
  • void RunAnimation()
  • void SyncAnimation()



So say I wanted to sync the walk animation animation when I pressed the “W” key I could call it from the function like this


if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.W)) {

//player is walking lets sync the animation

if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.R)) {

//player is running lets sync the animation

That is a really simple way of implementing it and not really recommended.

networkView.RPC(“SyncAnimation”, RPCMode.All, 0);


This tells unity we want to send an RPC


This is the function we want to send


We want to sent it to ALL other networkviews


This is the data we are actually sending in this case we are only sending and integer which saves on bandwidth.

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