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TX5823 5.8Ghz 8 Channels Transmitter 200mW Project

Over the next few weeks I am going to work on building a video transmitter from a cheap TX5823 5.8Ghz transmitter module which are very cheap ($30 for TX & RX) and small. I collected the images of the specs from a few chinese website. After looking through the images you will notice there is an image of a simple circuit which i have not tried, as I am still waiting for the module’s (Transmitter and Receiver) to come from china. After I try these modules I will create a tutorial so you guys can build your own transmitter, I bought the module pair from one of the best Ebay stores I have done business with very fast shipping and great communication gadgetinfinite they stock a huge range of arduino stuff also all with free shipping. The images don’t have a lot of conflicting info eg pin 8 named +5v, description 3.3v DC in. I would assume that it would be 3.3v LVTTL, lets try not to fry it.

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  1. warren · June 17, 2013 Reply

    I found these way too cheap, they change frequency constantly and burn out very easily.

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