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Unity3D Multiplayer Networking Ebook

Unity3D Multiplayer Networking Ebook

I am not affiliated with 3Dmuve in any way.

Networking is quite simple in Unity3d, but getting everything working together properly I found it quite intimidating, until I purchased a very good Ebook from 3Dmuve. This book is very well written and extremely simple to follow. Written for C# it explains in great detail how networking really works and how to set it up properly (but includes screenshots for every step, for people like me ‘monkey see monkey do’).

$2 for all this knowledge!, best $2 I have spent this year!

This Ebook contains a complete guide start – finish. The tutorial is not a cut and paste tutorial but does contain a folder with all scripts needed (so you can cut and paste if you get stuck).

The only thing that would make this tutorial better in my opinion would be a PowerPoint presentation that follows the steps in the book, only because as a newbie to Unity3D the inspector is a little overwhelming :S

I give this Unity3D networking tutorial 9/10

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