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Unity3D – Show / Hide Torch GameObject Multiplayer Photon C#

Unity3D – Show / Hide Torch GameObject Multiplayer Photon C#

I have written this script to spawn an object into the players hand in a multiplayer game I am making.
The game is using Photon and Unity 4.
Simple way to spawn an GameObject into a Players hand.

OK now the setup.

Look at the Image
  1. Look at the Image on this post.
  2. Create an Empty Game Object and call it “Torch” and leave TAG UNTAGGED
  3. Create a CHILD of Torch and TAG it “Torch”
  4. Add your torch object to the CHILD
  5. On the Parent ADD Photon View (Add item > Misc >)
  6. Drag this script onto the PARENT
  7. Drag This script from inspector onto the Photon View OBSERVE

It does’nt work what shout I do? READ THE INSTRUCTION AGAIN. :)

It has taken a few days to come up with this, so I hope you like it.

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